Your Input is Needed: Why do you love working at Ohio State?

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Buckeye pride isn’t just found on the field, it’s also found in the offices, classrooms and among the faculty and staff at Ohio State. The University would like to know why you like working for Ohio State and would appreciate you entering your reason(s) why on our WordPress site. osu_logoYou don’t have to include your full name, but please include it if you don’t mind being contacted for additional follow up questions. YOU MUST SUPPLY a valid or email address so that we can verify you are an employee of Ohio State.  Only Ohio State employees can comment.  All comments submitted have the potential to be used in Ohio State’s communications. Please send your comments to or add them to this blog by clicking on the word Comment or by clicking here.

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37 responses to “Your Input is Needed: Why do you love working at Ohio State?

  1. Being a part of The Ohio State University is a privilege to me. I love being a part of something so much bigger than myself and being a part of the dynamic university community that is Ohio State. There are so many wonderful opportunities afforded to us to complement every aspect of our lives. If you let it, Ohio State will consume and enrich your life!

  2. As a medical center employee the sense of commitment is powerful and demonstrated everyday. My experience with both external(patients) and internal (co-workers), is a daily reward.

  3. I love working at the OSU Medical Center with all the cutting edge of technology and getting to see patients benefit from their care. This job is extremely full filling. We have great benefits! I am proud to be a BUCKEYE!

  4. I love working with all the great people at OSU. The opportunities are there for the taking and the benefits are great.

  5. I enjoy working at Ohio State because of the students I am fortunate to work with. My role in the Ohio Union has given me the good fortune of interacting with students just about every day I am in the office. When I see a student come to some understanding, about themselves, their world, or their relationships, I feel like I have done my job. I came back to graduate school so that I could work in a place that allows me to help students find their passion in life. I found that place at Ohio State, and I am just as proud to be a Buckeye as all of the students I’ve met over the years.

  6. I’ve been at OSU 15 years. I’ve worked in Human Resources and now the School of Music. I’ve been a member of USAC, and have served not just a few times on the Community Charity Drive. And as a result of all this, I have met the Denyce Graves, and have heard the Fisk Jubilee Singers. I have sat on committees next to the likes of Dr. Carole Anderson (amazing woman), attended the investiture of Dr. Karen Holbrook, debated with colleagues on benefits for faculty and staff, and advocated for the same (while eating many a handful of Faculty Club mints). I’ve heard Bill Shkurti explain university funding (when you hear it, it makes sense. You may not like it, but it makes sense). I got to see the renovated ‘Shoe while it was still being renovated. I’ve met people and made friends from all points on the university map and many of them have seen me through my darkest hours.
    I’ve waited right along with some of our faculty as they went through the promotion and tenure process and rejoiced when the promotions came.
    And I have helped not just a few students. I’ve helped them with questions about fees (yes you do have to pay the rec fee) and fee waivers, and audition requirements, and where is the Wexner Center (next door as it turns out). And I have left my office for the day only to find that one of our jazz ensembles is having rehearsal out doors. Cool. Does the work get tedious? Sometimes. Is it rewarding? Always. Do I have moments when I want to tear my hair out? Yes, but that is why we have vacation days. This place is a part of me now. It has a way of getting in your blood, this university the size of a city with it’s own medical center, police department, powerplant and cross section of humanity that puts the United Nations to shame. It gets in the blood. Maybe it’s the chimes across the Oval. Maybe it’s that moment when you see the smile on the face of a foreign student who has heard his or her name pronounced correctly for the first time in weeks. Or when you find your first real buckeye on campus (which can be done, but you must be crafty). But whatever it is, this place, The Ohio State University, gets in the blood. And if you can, you know you’ll stay.

  7. Working at OSU is a dream come true for me. Being a professor of color and returning to my home state as a full professor at OSU, one of Ohio’s most respected institutions of higher learning has a special place in my heart. To top it all off, Columbus is a real city. I will always love OSU

  8. I love working at OSU because of the students! I see them as extensions of my family and because of that we share a very strong bond that often carries past their graduation.

    My co-workers are some of the best people I have ever met and I am honored to spend each day I have as part of this team. After nearly 30 years in the workforce I feel as if I have finally found the perfect fit.

  9. I love working at OSU because I have the best job in the world. I am in Extension and I work with county residents. I meet the most wonderful people and I learn something from each of them. I am proud to represent OSU in my county.

  10. I love working at Ohio State for many reasons. First is the knowledge that I’m contributing to learning for thousands of OSU students. I also love being able to participate in the rich cultural life of Ohio State–it’s so easy to attend concerts, lectures, workshops, lunch-and-learns; to walk the arboretum; or just to bike through the Oval and people-watch. I also appreciate the tuition benefits–it has afforded me the opportunity to pursue additional study .

  11. I obvious enjoy working at OSUMC because I have been here almost 35 years. Its been awsome watching all the growth here at the Mecical Center. The folks who work here have been very nice and some have become life long friends! The opportunity for personal growth is here and the health benefits are excellent!

  12. I love working at OSU because it allows me to make a difference, we are given the tools to provide the best care in the country. I am very proud to tell people that I work at OSU Ross Heart Hospital, and bragg about all of the things we can do as a team !! GO BUCKS

  13. When I was 11 years old my Mother started working for OSU. She was very proud to work at OSU. At the age of 27 I started working for OSU. My mother retired after 33 years with OSU. I now have 30 years. OSU has the ability to help so many people. I am proud to work for OSU. I am also proud to be part of a “Great Team”.


  15. I love working for OSU because of the environment, the doctors/ people I work with and I love taking care of patients. I am a Buckeye through and through! It has always been my dream to work for OSU and now it has finally come true. We get great benefits and now I have the pleasure of telling people that I work for THE Ohio State University. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

  16. I LOVE working for OSUMC because of people I work with and the customers I work for. I feel very proud to be apart of this organization and always feel appreciated and that my thoughts and opinions matter.

  17. Beth Williams

    I love the work environment, the people, the possibilities. OSU, OSUMC, as large as it is, remains close and connected. The communication avenues abound – it is almost impossible not to know what is happening here. The employees, leaders, doctors, nurses, and students are caring, considerate, concerned. Everyone understands that what we do here makes a difference to our patients, their families, OUR families. To be one part of that huge process is awesome because if we don’t begin with caring and supporting each other, we won’t be able to care for and support those who come to us at the time they need us most! I hope to flourish and contribute to this ever-changing for the better atmosphere for a long time!

  18. O-H-I-O!!! I wish my Dad had been alive to see me go to work as an employee of his dear old Alma Mater, he would have been bursting with pride. Not to mention the awesome benefits such as Tuition Assistance, Lunch and Learn programs, Faculty and Staff Assistance Programs, just to name a few. It is a big, busy place with a heart to match.

  19. I enjoy working here b/c we are encouraged to keep learning and to share our ideas on how to make this a better place for staff, students and patients.

    My co-workers are kind and willing to step up and help each other in and out of the office.

    OSU offers a person a chance to work in a small office or on a large team- you can find the place that fits your personality & skills.

  20. I love working at OSU because I know that all we do every day by all ends up serving our customers, the patient. All kinds of people every work tirelessly in providing patient care, working on process improvement and making our pateint’s satisfaction the highest priority, which also includes my satisfaction as an employee. There are many challeneges here every day, but all are fixable and allow us to grow professonally. The employees of OSUMC have the capacity and ability to make the changes that allow us to be the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ella Valentine

    OSU..why it’s a great place to work:
    It is Outstanding in benefits and caring for it’s Own. It is Superior in the care we provide to our patients and our supervisors/management are very Understanding to personal needs.

    OSU is also a secure place in a very upside down economy. Our leadership chooses to make changes rather than let empolyees go.

    In an unstable world, you can find stability at OSU.

  22. Mollie Carroll

    I love working at OSU because it is THE Ohio State University. When I tell someone that I work at OSU, I swell up with pride and feel quite honored to work at such a respected, well-known institution. OSU truly cares about the education and opportunities it provides to its students. They are also very much committed to providing benefits, compensation and a work-life balance to its faculty and staff that is second to none. It gives back to the community, the city, the region and the state. The research that is being done here is exceptional which helps the entire country (and world) by providing insight into the world of literature to a better way of growing crops to the very real possibility of finding a cure for cancer. And the return of President Gee has energized this university in a way that it has never seen before (and may never again), and if his goals are achieved, OSU will not only be a Top 100 Employer – but an eminent, internationally-renowned educational and research institution at which anyone would be proud to work!

  23. Heather Spellman

    I love working at OSUMC because of the challenges it presents. There’s always something new to learn. I enjoy learning about all of the new procedures we do. It’s education I wouldn’t get working in a smaller hospital. I also like the opportunity for growth here…the fact that it’s encouraged to teach classes and take classes here at OSU.

  24. I enjoy the sense of community found at UHE. I like the fact that we have a fund that assist patients with indigent meds and numerous patient education opportunities. The perks, i.e. free tuition for employees and discount for their family, flexibility in scheduling, the pay compared to national average, the list goes on and on. I thank God for leading me to OSUMC-UHE.

  25. Darin Peterman

    I love working at OSUMC because every day I come to work there are new challenges, new experiences, and new learning opportunities. And every personal interaction I have here, whether I’m saying “good morning” to someone in the hallway or if I’m performing some lifesaving intervention, there’s a chance for me to have a positive impact on someone’s day or their life. It’s a great feeling to be part of that!

  26. One of the many reasons i love working at UHEast just happened last weekend – Community Day. It’s another way we demonstrate our commitment to the health of our neighbors and our enthusiasm for volunteerism. Services were expanded a lot this year, showing a sensitivity to the needs of our neighborhood in a down economy. I was really proud every time i saw an ad for the event and knew the serious financial commitment being made. Seeing our executive director, Elizabeth Seely, checking with us and running errands so we could keep seeing patients really encouraged me, too. I love seeing that the University’s commitments are much more than just words.


  28. Michelle D. Thomas

    I love working for OSUMC because the people I work with are nice and we are a team with one goal serving our patients. The patients are one of the reasons we are all here, without them there would be not OSUMC. The opportunity to further my education and advance in the mission of OSU.

  29. I love working at OSU because the benefits are awesome and the atmosphere are great. I believe if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I love my job and plan on do this until I retire.

  30. I love working at OSU because there are always exciting and cutting edge things going on here, the people I have encountered are great and I feel the benefits are super (especially event tickets). Go Bucks!

  31. Patricia C. Hoch

    I love working at Ohio State because when you go to school here the university becomes a part of you. Working here gives me a sense of pride because everyday I get to contribute something to make the unversity better.

  32. Julia A Mckinney

    I love working at osumc because as a uca on the mother-baby unit and seeing the new life everyday with the proud parents and the best nursing staff and management in the world, you go home feeling like you have made a difference in the lives of everyone involved.

  33. I love working for OSUMC because on a daily basis I am able to be a part of our patients and their families lives and develop friendships with them that will last a lifetime.

  34. I love working for OSU because I love helping patients and their needs. ALso, the benefits are great!! That’s it:)

  35. I love working at OSU because of the wonderful benefits, flexible workplace and great people I work with each and every day!

  36. I love working at OSU because they give me an opportunity everyday to make a positive impact on someone else’s life. OSU gives me the foundation I need to do something great on a daily basis.

  37. I love working at OSU because of their commitment to growing me as a person and as a leader and giving me flexibility to serve our customers in a manner that exceeds their expectations.

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