Clay B. Marsh, MD

Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Director, Center for Critical Care
Executive Director, OSU Center for Personalized Health Care
Senior Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Research
Vice Dean for Research, OSU College of Medicine

Profile on OSU:Pro

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What do you like best about practicing medicine at OSU Medical Center?

What I enjoy most about practicing medicine at OSU Medical Center is that we are united in our commitment to creating medicine of the future — one that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. Our culture of collaboration and breadth of talent in our single-campus university and academic medical center allow us to realize this vision.

What excites you most about the future of medicine?

I’m very excited to see how rapidly we are gaining knowledge through technologies such as genetics that will give us insights about which we have not yet dreamed.

How do you think P4 Medicine (medicine that is more predictive, preventive,
personalized and participatory) will change your specialty over the next 10 years?

P4 Medicine will allow us to stratify information much more precisely to better understand the process and pathway of disease for individual patients. In addition, patients will be true partners in their own care, allowing us to create “life prescriptions” that engage them in a way that has not happened before.

Name one of your medical career mentors and tell us what you learned from him/her.

Mark Wewers, MD, was my conduit to choosing critical care and pulmonary medicine; he also fostered my interest in research. Mark had come to OSU from the NIH just before I began my duties as chief resident for Internal Medicine. I was inspired by his passion, enthusiasm and skill as both a researcher and clinician.

What advice do you have for young physicians early in their careers?

I encourage young physicians to reach high, work with the best and brightest people they can, and understand that everyone — including their patients — has something to teach them.

Who in history would you most like to meet and why?

I would like to talk with either Leonardo da Vinci or Albert Einstein. A great artist, da Vinci also was an inventor committed to distributing knowledge to others. Einstein’s ability to visualize led to many of his observations that are fundamental to nature, including how physics applies to biology. He created basic truths that still guide us today.

What are your hobbies or volunteer activities?

The foundational passion in my life is my family. I’m blessed to be married to a wonderfully kind and intelligent woman, Gail Marsh, who happens to be senior associate vice president for Health Sciences here at Ohio State. Together we love our three children, who have taught me volumes about creativity and leadership.

Star Colleague: There are many fine clinicians and scientists here at Ohio State, but I will name one: Michael Ostrowski, PhD, professor and chair of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, who, with Gustavo Leone, PhD, studies the cancer microenvironment. We are extrapolating their findings about the function and regulation of host fibroblasts in breast cancers and applying these findings directly to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Dissecting these pathways will lead to novel treatments for patients who suffer from this chronic and currently untreatable lung disease.

CV summary

Medical Degree: West Virginia University

Residency: Internal Medicine, The Ohio State University

Chief Resident, Internal Medicine, The Ohio State University

Fellowships: Research Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, The Ohio State University

Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, The Ohio State University

National Offices or Board Positions:

•  Chair, Board of Directors and Scientific Board, Sarnoff Foundation for Cardiovascular Science

•  Member, Battelle/Institute of Systems Biology, Pulmonary Advisory Committee

•  Member, Executive Committee, National Summit on Personalized Healthcare, State of Utah

•  Board Member, Personalized Medicine Coalition

•  Board Member, P4 Medicine Institute

Clinical Interests: Asthma; pulmonary fibrosis.

Research Interests: Interleukins; cytokines; growth factors; monocytes; macrophages; signal transduction;
interstitial lung disease; cellular survival.


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